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November 25, 2011
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a. Adrian has long scarlet hair that ends at his neck (almost shoulder length) with bangs that shields his crimson eyes more than half the time. He has a black skull eye-patch made with silk-like material that is in the shape of a triangle on his left eye, ending at his chin. He has a four centimeter scar across his left forearm from when he was a six-year-old boy. His attire consists of a tattered black shirt that's ripped at the edges of the 'sleeves', black ripped cargoes as pants, and accessories like a black armlet at his right forearm and black choker (with a white spade hanging at the left side). His shoes are black combat boots that cover half his lower legs.

Note: Check Artist's Comment at the very top for visuals in both his European outfit and Edo outfit.

b. I loves outsiders. Why? Because they know nothing of the world. That way it's easier to steal from them or manipulate them into doing things for me -insert low chuckle-. However, if they get in my way, I tend to want revenge, like any natural being would. But of course, I wouldn't /kill/ them. No, that goes against my morals, my honor.

c. "Stupid lil' kid. Why don't you go die already?" sneered a random stranger, glaring at me with the most hateful eyes I've ever seen. I winced from his harsh words. He didn't do anything after that, only walked away, leaving me wallowing in my suicidal thoughts once again.

"Why does everyone hate me? Am I that worthless? Am I not good enough? Why? Why, why, why?" I screamed at myself mentally.

"Because," answered a cold voice, "you never were and never will be anything. You will never amount to anything because you are below trash. You are worthless, stupid, useless, and the bane to everyone's existence. No one wants you, nor needs you. That's why you're a homeless boy living on the streets, where everyone can see how pathetic you are. And for everyone to humiliate you for all you're worth."

My heart dropped deeper with every single word and insult that my conscience threw at me. I knew it was all true, no matter how badly I didn't wanted it to be.

"Just stop it..." I whimpered, burying my head under my arms as I lowered to a sitting position on the floor, sliding down the cold and hard wall.

"Ne, who're you?" a voice chirped.

I looked up, only to see a face close to mine. I jumped back from shock.


He scrunched up his face, but then it regained its original smiling expression. "I asked, 'who're you'. Care to answer me?"

"A-Adrian...who're you?"

"Hi Adrian! My name's Daniel. Nice to meet'cha!"

That was the beginning of a new friendship. And the beginning of my downfall. For years, my friendship with Daniel strengthened. He took me in and I ended up sharing a house with him. He was my friend, my brother, and also...the closest person to me. After a while though, he started disappearing each and every night. He would come back in a few days and say that everything was alright. But I never believed him. He never told me the reasons why he left like that, and my trust for him was wavering. And I didn't like that. I didn't like that my trust for the most important person in my life was shaking. I needed to end this. Big mistake. When I followed him one night, he was with these criminals, outlaws, people who destroyed another's clockheart. People who were part of the Spades.

"What're you doing with these people?" I asked him, my blood growing colder by the minute. "Why are you with them?"

"Why? I'll tell you get revenge. The queen, she killed my brother. He didn't deserve to die! He was the best of the best! He did nothing wrong! But she slaughtered him, like a pig, in cold blood. Now...I'm going to do the same to her!"

"Daniel, you're being stupid! You shouldn't get revenge. Your brother must've did something w--"

"Silence! He did /nothing/ wrong." His eyes were now glaring at me, it was the same pair of eyes that man held, on that faithful day, when I met Daniel. I shrunk back, cowering in fear.


"Just shut up, will you?!" He was now shaking like a leaf, his head bowing down in shame. I rushed over to him, holding him by the shoulders and trying to calm him down.

" were just a substitute. Something I used just to fill in the hole in my broken heart." Those words broke me. "It never worked. No one could compare to my brother, no one."

"W-what?" I stared at him in horror. I was frozen in place. Suddenly I was warm, warmth hugged me at my chest and face. the form of a wet, crimson liquid. A sadistic smile was all I saw that moment. As my head cleared, I realized that a sword was through Daniel's clockheart and just a few millimeters from mine. One of the Spades that Daniel was with pulled the sword closer, with Daniel swinging limply along.


"That's right, he was useless, expendable. We only used him to see if he can kill the Queen for us. Guess he was too weak."

Sudden loud footsteps echoed through the halls of the abandoned warehouse we were in.

"Shit, looks like they found us."

The criminals all ran away, running to escape the clutches of the knights. The sword was suddenly in my hands. Though I couldn't do anything. I was frozen, unable to move, too paralyzed, too shocked, too broken to move. The guards were now seizing me as I stared in horror at the scene. But before the scene of Daniel disappeared from my view completely, I saw him limply stand up, smiling in a twisted way that didn't suit him at all.

"DANIELLL!" My voice rang through the city that night.

Word count: 996
...First time joining a confusing.
How he looks like (THANK YOU, BLEACH [for making him look hot //shot]): [link]

And here's his Edo!version done by me finally: [link]

Name: Adrian Briand

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Faction: Spades

Role: The Honorable Prankster

Magic/Ability/Talent: Able to pickpocket without anyone noticing and is extremely good at manipulating people (with psychology).

Weapon: A curved black dagger [link]

* peace and quiet
* having control over things
* shiny things
* weapons
* being alone
* stealing
* spying
* playing pranks
* torture/revenge
* secretly Leon because he's the first one to get close to him but even he doesn't know this fact

* Leon
* most humans
* killing
* things that goes against his morals/honor
* people bossing him around
* betrayal
* being bored
* himself the most

Personality: In the inside, he's quiet, reserved, normally patient, and doesn't trust people that easily but when he does he stays loyal forever (unless betrayed). To normal people, he acts like a fool and plays dumb a lot. He also acts a bit happy-go-lucky and is very teasing, blunt, and mean. He especially shows that last side to Leon. He loves to play pranks on people when he's bored.

History: For the additional scene, that was his past and how he became who he is. Daniel betrayed him by acting as if he was dead, only to frame Adrian for 'killing' him. Because of this, Adrian was now a Spade, a criminal, an outlaw. He grew to hate killing and betrayal because of this. Over the years Adrian became just like Daniel; manipulative, full of wanting revenge, because he had lulled on the thoughts of Daniel and the other Spades for too long, accidentally developing their traits. Also he grew to have those traits because of the hurt and pain that Daniel had caused him. Because he is manipulative, he hates being bossed around because he feels as if he's the only one that should be in charge.

Additional info:
* Part of Kroy's pirate crew!
* His honor [more like morals] is to never kill. He feels as if it's not fair or just for the creatures of Wonderland or anyone at all (besides God) to decide whether or not a person is worth living.
* When bored, he often likes to sing (even though he is tone-deaf). He often likes to torture people with this threat.
* He acts like he's arrogant and conceited, but inside, he's really down on himself a lot, often blaming himself for many things.
* He is bisexual.
* He is 6'0".
* Doesn't like giving any type of information about himself whatsoever.
* Bipolar [due to me], so if you meet him one day, he might be like a completely different person the next time.
* There are moments when he doesn't remember things or not acting like himself. There is a reason for this, which I highly doubt I'm going to reveal...
* Do NOT give him any medicine whatsoever. Especially near Seriena. You have been warned.
* Carries a pen around everywhere due to communication with Abigail.
* Many things I'm not going to reveal about him, so yeah...He likes to be mysterious ^-^
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